Sunday, September 11, 2022

Sex by the Numbers - Part 1

Just so you know, I'm doing quite well.

It's been 446 days since my last post but besides me, who's really counting anyway?  I've always found numbers fascinating in some way.  But basically, all they do is give us perspective between one thing, or sets of things and another.  While mathematicians might disagree with me (shame on them) but we try to explain everything in mathematical terms.  Some things, ideas, feelings, concepts and more...just can't be reduced to numbers.  We have to be humble enough to admit that.

On the other hand, there are other things for which numbers are incredibly valuable.  For instance my absence here from the blog is indicative of a significant time away.  Some of you missed me, some didn't and others didn't even notice.  But 446 days is a long time.  Just imagine if you were  having to go without sex for 446 days?  I know I couldn't do it and trust me, I haven't.  

I've enjoyed both oral and penetrative sex during this absence from these pages.  Both giving and receiving no less.  I think you know who I received what from and who was on the receiving end of my attention. 

But today's post is really about penetrative sex in our marriage. 

My sissy hubwife terrie is rather lucky when it comes to getting laid.  Don't be that surprised.  In fact she had plenty of penetrative sex last weekend while we were away at our coastal hideaway.  Since we're officially into football season, let's just say that she played the role of the "wide receiver."  She might even be taking my strap-on later today.  I'm starting to feel "in the mood."  So, she receives more than enough penetrative sex to keep her satisfied. 

On the other hand, her little clitty hasn't been inside of me (or anyone else) since 2005.   She started her born again virginity on April Fool's Day that year.  It's just a coincidence.  You don't think I'm that cruel do you? 

That's quite an accomplishment I'd say; a streak that isn't likely to ever end. She has lots to be proud of.

In fact, terrie prominently ranks 5th on Mistress Scarlet's Born Again Virgin Register.  Check it out.

I don't think there are many "men" who can make these type of claims.

As terrie and one of her sissy gurlfriends like to say:  "Real men fuck their wives..."



  1. Its good to see you back and yes you were missed. I checked every week and was surprised when you posted again. glad all is well. Steve

  2. It is so wonderful to read a post from you again Diane, has it really been that long? My, how time flies.

    Terrie and i are in very similar position when it comes to being BAV's although i think terrie probably has about a year or perhaps two years march on me. Kudos too to terrie for making it onto the register. i would love to have my BAV status permanently marked on me. Great to hear that it will last terrie a lifetime, i hope it will for me too.

    Please don't leave it another 446 days until your next post, you were missed.


  3. Diane,
    You were missed by all! So happy you’re back.

  4. Welcome back to the wonderful world of the interwebs Diane! You truly were missed. I'm so very happy to see you posting again. You and Your sissy wifes journey is fascinating and I honestly love reading what You and her write.


  5. Such a contribution to the kink community for you to give us an occasional blog post. Thank you! While real men fuck their wives, as you know, we sissies always make sure our wives cum whenever they choose (even when we don’t). nancy

  6. Diane,

    I am thrilled that you are back and so is Carol - my much better Half and Dominant Wife. Hope to see you post again...and again...and again...and again...


  7. Thank you for returning! I missed hearing your updates and Terrie’s as well.

  8. Luv to see you back! And always enjoy the football terms, hee!
    Hoping for more updates soon! SaraE

  9. Welcome back Miss Diane! You were missed greatly by many of us! I do hope you and your sissy are doing well. I have enjoyed all of your blogs over the past few years and kept hoping for your return. Looking forward to more of yours and terrie's posts in the future!


  10. Everyone certainly misses you and hopes you’re well.

  11. Hug and a panty tug… miss you, SaraE