Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Eat Me - Now

I'm having a very challenging day at work today.  I sometimes wish I had the kind of job where I could work from home when I felt like it.

If I did, I could deal with stressors immediately and more efficiently.


Saturday, June 19, 2021

Sex Positions - Size Matters

Happy Father's Day weekend to all the fathers around the world.  There are all kinds of dads out there, tall ones, short ones, thin ones, fat ones, straight ones, gay ones, good ones and bad ones.  Just try to be the best dad you can be for your children and any child who needs you.

It's been eons since I posted.  I told hubwife to post something here a week ago and she missed my whole point.  My fault, not hers.  Next time I'll be very specific in my directions.  No one likes a vague Domme right?

A reader sent me an interesting article about the best sex positions for penises of all sizes.  Since I've been planning on sharing some thoughts on penetrative sex, particularly when it comes to couples in Female Led Relationships, I thought this topic might be a good way to start if off.  

The article begins by stating that these sex positions will bring maximum pleasure to both partners.  Hmmm?  I'm not so sure about that.

The article states that 5.8" is the average penis size that can "cause" a woman to have an orgasm.  Interesting data don't you think?  Figures lie and liars figure, so let's just assume that's correct.   But the Journal of Sex Medicine writes that regardless of size, you can still have plenty of fun.  Yeah right.

So get our your rulers, do what you have to do to come up with a measurement and let's see how you measure up ok? No exaggerating.

I'll show the positions for each size along with the article's rationale and add my own commentary.

So let's start with the real men who have "Big Penises."  Here's the recommended sexual position: 

"Big penis: Do a lot of foreplay to make her vagina expand and choose woman-on-top moves to control how deep you go. Just have her lean over your body with her hands on either side of your head and just get going."   

I definitely agree with this one.  Doing it this way was impossible with hubwife.  I hardly felt "it" and she kept sliding out.  If you're not close to 7", don't waste your time with this one. 

Average size?  Try this one.

"An average penis: Wrap her legs around your midsection and her hands around your shoulders and get down in a squat position. Close press her body up against yours as you penetrate her."

This is very romantic, intimate and fun, obviously more so with a bigger penis. 

Less than six inches?  You have to make accommodations...

"Less than six inches penis: Go rear entry if your penis size is less than six inches. Rest her head on a pillow, lift her butt up and then penetrate her. Doing this will offer you a deep penetration."

Under six...well, it is what it is.  The pillow is definitely a good idea in case she falls asleep trying this one with a lesser endowed partner.  Deep penetration?  Kind of a relative term isn't it?

Less than four inches? Here's their recommendation for "maximum pleasure."  It's kind of like playing the game "Twister."

"Less than four-inch penis: While a rear entry position like doggie will not help you pleasure her enough; the twisted doggie position allows more room for penetration. Add a slight twist to it, and you can get the most out of it. Instead of kneeling, she could lie on her stomach with a pillow under her pelvis. You can then enter her from behind while lying on top of her."

My advice if he's less than four inches?  Don't bother.  Take matters into your own hands.  Find a quality strap-on dildo and harness, use plenty of lube and let hubby feel what you've been missing out on due to his small penis.  

It's a guaranteed good time.  


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Petticoat Punishment

Today's "Two for Tuesday" topics revolve around both petticoats and punishment; two words that in the sissy vernacular are often used side by side.   More than a year ago over at what is now my Dominant Wife's blog "To Love Honor & Obey" I posted the following:

Petticoat Punishment

There comes a point in a sissy's life when, once they've accepted who they are and feel comfortable about it with friends, wearing petticoats is no longer considered "punishment" but actually a treat.

What's real punishment is receiving a spanking at the hands of a woman while she's wearing the petticoat, and you aren't.

In another, unrelated post I wrote:

To some of us the term "Petticoat Punishment" is quite the oxymoron....

Show me a sissy who's being punished in petticoats and I'll show you a very happy sissy! 

Many of us have no doubt been titillated by the Victorian tales of mothers, nannies, governess' and the like using the power of the petticoat to rein in their unruly sons, nephews or wards.  Among the most famous of these is the feminization classic "Gynecocracy," an autobiography by Viscount Ladywood, the pseudonym for the "poor" Julian/Julia who's subjected to heavy doses of dominance and forced crosdressing.  The novel is available on Amazon.

I don't want to belabor the powerful effects petticoats have on us.  Like many things we "enjoy", the dichotomy that exists between the joys of wearing a petticoat and the abject humiliation we experience by doing so, the act results and a beautiful and delicious feeling of erotic bliss that's difficult to describe.  Let's just leave it at that.

I also wanted to share three beautiful pictures from Pond Girl Allison (aka Betty Jane) of Petticoat Pond fame.  The photos also include some cute notes that she included on the back of her pictures.

"For all my Betty Jane fans.  I used my big fan so you can see her petticoats"

"Is this skirt big enough? I used to choose my petticoats first then pick out a skirt that looks good with the petticoat I've chosen.  It can be a pretty frustrating time."  Betty Jane

"Blowing Betty Jane's skirt and petticoats up with a large fan."

Stop by Petticoat Pond when you're browsing around looking for gurly things.  They update the website daily and you can find a link to it at the top of my blog listings.

Remember, the fuller the petticoat you're wearing, the more powerful the fan you'll want to blow it up and get the full feminizing effect!!!


sissy terrie 👄