Sunday, April 18, 2021


Greetings once again.  The length of time between posts is never intentional on my party.  I would like to keep this blog "fresher" but it's not always meant to be.  My absence here shouldn't be interpreted as a lack of interest in sex, cuckolding or enjoying my FLR with hubwife.  To the contrary, I'm loving every minute of it.  

Today I'm in a very uplifting mood after having spent the night with Karl.  Our time together was intense and very fulfilling for me.  Karl's manly ways now having me lusting a softer and very different session with hubwife.  

As part of her "prepping" for the session, I've just finished plugging her and sent her upstairs to get "my things" out just in case I want to make love to her.

She'll be plugged for at least a couple of hours.  I want her to enjoy it before we actually "get started."

I still haven't decided if I want her in or out of her cage for the session.  It's been awhile since she's had one of those orgams while she's locked.   They're a little messy but fun to watch and easy to clean up.  



  1. Hello everyone I'm new here after recently discovering Diane's and Terry's blog. What a delight to read and I'm annoyed I haven't seen this wonderful shared relationship sooner.

    I myself run a strict female led household and although my methods and styles differ somewhat to this amazing arrangement its whats similar that strikes me the most, the levels of trust intimacy and connection seen in established FLRs our unrivalled and rarely seen in more traditional type relationships.

    I don't for example cuckold or feminise my boy but he isn't permitted to wear clothes at home or use any of my furniture, he's kept in a cage at night and forbidden to enter my bed. He is in strict permanent chastity and I haven't let him penetrate me in over five years and won't be permitted that privilege ever again. Hes collard at all times at home and we have never been happier.

    Thank you for sharing your relationship guys I look forward to interacting with you all and bouncing ideas and thought's with you all.

    Sarah x

    1. " .... although my methods and styles differ somewhat to this amazing arrangement its whats similar that strikes me the most, the levels of trust intimacy and connection seen in established FLRs our unrivalled and rarely seen in more traditional type relationships."

      This is very well said MS Sarah X. I couldn't agree more. I share in your delight of the relationship Ms. Diane J. and her hubwife share. Our relationship, like yours, is different in that I am not cuckolded or feminized either. When there are kids around (we're getting tantalizing close to empty nest) I'm rarely allowed in clothes as well. Not caged at night but I am required to ask permission to enter Mistress K's each night and recently have been placed in near-permanent chastity.

      If I'm being honest, I hope things never do evolve to the point where I am not allowed penetration, or being cuckolded for that matter. Perhaps over time, as our journey continues, Mistress K. may feel differently, but for now, I have that going for me.

      Thanks for sharing a peek into your life as well. There is nothing better and more loving than the levels of love, trust and intimacy that a WLM couple wallows in constantly.

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  2. Greetings to you Ms. Diane. We all know that life can get busy. Clearly no need to apologize.

    Speaking for myself, I love it when you are posting. In this particular post it makes me smile to see that my "brother/sister" terrie will be receiving the very kind of loving and intimate attention, it seems, that he craves more than anything. Wearing a plug for one's Mistress is a treat in and of itself. Being plugged by one's Mistress makes wearing a plug even more special. I can only imagine the giddy kind of joy that she was feeling being sent upstairs to prepare your "things". I do hope that you did decide to make love to her and that she received a good Rogering from her beloved Mistress.

    Having an orgasm while being locked is something I'm eager to experience soon. Let's face it though ... ANY type orgasm bestowed upon us by our Mistress is wonderful.

    So glad your vigorous time with Karl happened for you this past weekend.

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  3. UPDATE .... just received a text from Mistress K. - Be showered, shaved, plugged and smelling pretty for me when I get home from the office.

    Love that!

  4. At the start of our marriage, my wife said that the man coming in from on top with the wife on her back just emphasised male dominance and she wanted equality. She suggested we have sex on our sides. That was a frustrating fail. We settled on us starting with her on her back and me getting in and then us rolling over so she was on top. The problem arose that I'd cum quickly and then go soft and so she would not get to orgasm. So we progressed to me holding off. She was keen for us to organise together but that was hard because by the time she orgasmed, I'd been focusing on not cumming and so I could not perform so to speak. This progressed through some teasing to her controlling my orgasams. Sometimes we will go several months where she will ride my cock to orgasm but I will have to abstain.