Sunday, April 25, 2021

Orally Induced Pleasures

I have several ideas I've wanted to write about but I'm going to save that for another day when I have more time.   After a tiring weekend watching the grandkids (No grandma jokes okay?) I'm just going to relax with some very low-maintenance sex with hubwife, aka "ass worship."

After a lengthy and productive (say...3-4 orgasms) session between my thighs, she's going to focus on my backside.  

This one of my favorite positions to have my ass worshiped.  Not because it's the most comfortable, but I get to keep an eye on hubwife's hands.  I don't want her touching herself and getting distracted from the task at hand.  Nor would I want an unauthorized orgasm.  Even though she's locked up she's been known to have these little accidents.



  1. Your ideas sound ABSOLUTELY wonderful! Your hubwife is a very lucky gurl! Enjoy! And thanks for including your followers about your plans!

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  2. What a timely post. Just yesterday, an hour or so before this post landed, I was instructed/allowed the distinct honor of doing this very thing. Uncanny!

    I'm sure it is the same for most other subhubs and hubwives, but ass worship is far and away my favorite form of servitude. Let's be honest, is there any more intimate way to worship one's Mistress?

    Special thanks the picture of the redhead. Rawr !!!!

  3. When my wife gets in that position I know exactly what she wants. I dive right in there without being told and I worship her ass for as long as she wants. I can't think of anything more pleasurable for me to do than to worship her and bring her to as many orgasms as she wants. I am also locked and never allowed and orgasm myself.

  4. And the thing is, You know we feel honored, humbled, and aroused to be allowed to do it ... that’s why an “accident” is a distinct possibility...

  5. Mmm, nothing like a homecoming, hee! sara

  6. The first time I touched my wife's rosebud with the tip of my tongue was one of the great erotic moments of my life. It felt so wrong but so incredibly right, and I remember the way my wife gasped in surprise. I thought she was going to stop me, but instead she arched her back, lifting her bottom to give me easier access. Ass worship has since become central to our sex life. I feel so submissive doing it, and she enjoys the sensation of my tongue between her butt cheeks while she uses a vibrator on her clit. I love those memes because I find the fantasy of a reluctant man being ordered to do it really hot. But the truth is that I am usually the one who initiates worship sessions because I like doing it so much.

    1. The first time I touched my wife's rosebud with the tip of my tongue HC, I had a spontaneous orgasm. My sissy clit was totally soft and I hadn't even touched it. It was that intense! I remember every moment, including explaining to her what had happened. It was Right at the start of our relationship and luckily for me she stuck with me. Sissy Jenna

  7. I had to come back and reply again .... My Goodness is that redhed in the top picture gorgeous! Wow! .... Again!

    1. Sub hub, I agree with you that the redhead in the picture is gorgeous, but that would be sexy meme even if she was less photogenic. Her body language, the way she is spreading her legs and pushing her bottom up, communicates such lustful anticipation of the activity to come. I like that she says she's ready to have her "asshole licked". My wife and I use the euphemism "worship" for that, but it would be really exciting to hear her say what she wants in such blunt terms.

    2. Yes Anonymous, you are exactly right. I guess it's just especially sexy to me because she looks a lot like my wife. Rawr!

  8. Great topic! I don't do it all the time but after showering in the morning I love to have my husband down behind me as I apply my make up. He literally licks and kisses my ass all over and deeply french kisses my rosebud. LOVE the physical feeling as well as the feeling of power that comes with it to help me start the day. I make sure to have this done on days when I have major meetings scheduled or I know I will be involved in heavy negotiations.
    Sometimes I allow him to masturbate as he kisses my ass and sometimes I let or make him him jerk off while I'm naked and prepping.
    He's not normally a morning person so in the beginning he would not get right out of bed or fall back to sleep. He received a number of sound ass beatings across my knee with the hairbrush which really helped train him.
    Unfortunately for him I love to spank! He's home full time now and once after a very stressful day he was whining and complaining on the phone throughout the day. When I got home I just wanted a drink and to relax but he began nagging like a whiny house husband. It was the last straw! I pulled his pants down, yanked him over my knee and spanked the daylights out of him! I realized my stress was relieved! He got a good ass whipping with my belt that day also before I stripped and rode him like a wild stallion. Now sometimes if I've had an exceptionally stressful day I call or text him letting him know "it's been a really rough day so have a glass of wine ready for me, you're getting a spanking and I don't want to hear anything!
    He's learned not to ask why and does as told. But I also like to relieve stress by having him work on my ass with his tongue.

    1. Wow, that was fantastic. A very good description of how it should be at home. In my opinion of course. You both are lucky to have each other.

  9. I have a female friend that is helping me to come out of the closet a bit as a sissy. I do help her financially in return, which i do think is fair. The only thing she allows me to do sexually to her is to kiss and lick her, well you know where. She tells me this is part of my training, to learn how to do it well. But i think she has me do it, because she likes it.