Friday, June 5, 2020

Ruffled Rhumbas

"Stop acting up" She said rather brusquely.  "I'm warning you."

Every Damn Day in June 2020 - A Dissolute Life Means
I was cooked already.  The look She had given me earlier was Her warning.  When She had to say
something to me, She'd already decided I'd be disciplined and probably picked out what it would be.

"You wouldn't want Linda to see you in your rhumba panties now would you?" She asked me, the question an indication of what my discipline would entail when her best friend would be over later that day.

"No Mistress.  I wouldn't" was all I could say.

My opinion was sought, but would never be considered.

A half hour later, I was told to get the rhumba panties and "other things" ready. 

I answered the door wearing those rhumba panties and let Linda in.

"Cute" was all she said at first.  Familiar with our lifestyle, my submission to Diane and much more, she wasn't all that shocked to see me this way, though the overly juvenile and frilly nature of the panties indicated something was up.  "What did you do to deserve those pretty panties?" she asked me.

Diane answered the question for me.  "Acting a little childish again.  Nothing serious" she said with a smile.


sissy terrie

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Sissy Pink

Happy Thursday!

Is there a more feminine way to control your curves than this pretty pink bra and panty set?

Were it not for my pink Holy Trainer I would never be able to control myself.


sissy terrie 👄

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Gurly Comparisons

When a sissy cuckold is forced to pull their panties down in front of their wife's bull so that a "cock comparison" can be made, it can be downright humiliating.  I've heard from come cuckolds who just never recover from the experience.

But with a sissy gurlfriend comparisons can be a fun and gurly thing.  For instance, we can compare our breast forms and giggle about it.


sissy terrie 💋

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Sissy Gurlfriends

A Dissolute Life Means
I'm thinking that 90% of what I would consider "extra girly" or "sissy" lingerie in our house belongs to me.  Diane's lingerie collection is more classy, elegant and a blend of dark or stunning colors as opposed to my soft pastels loaded with ruffles and lace.

So it's only natural that when I saw this particular picture I didn't think of the two of us wearing these pretty teddies together.  Instead, I fantasized of how cute and fun it would be to be wear this paired with a sissy gurlfriend...

Of course, if "Daddy" wanted the both of us to wear these, I think Diane might oblige.


sissy terrie 💋

Monday, June 1, 2020

Romper Time

Summer's not officially here, but with the last few days topping 100 degrees here in the desert southwest you have to dress like it's arrived!

That means its time to put on some very feminine and sissy looking rompers to strut around the house and outdoors by the pool.

I know it looks kind of childish, but it works for me.

That's all I'm going to say about that!

Oh...and one more thing.  As I usually do, I'll be blogging "Every Damn Day in June 2020."  Why don't you take on the challenge.  Click on the caption below the picture and find out what it's all about!

Every Damn Day in June 2020


sissy terrie 💙

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Listening to an Alpha Male...

A recent post on The Big Bi Daddy blog gave an Alpha male's perspective on the topic of cuckolding, focusing rather pointedly on the differences between Alpha's and betas.  It's worth a read and the author is looking for feedback.

The post also brought back some special memories I have of Diane and Her ex-lover Paul who left the area some nineteen months ago!  Paul was Diane's regular "Bull" for more than three years and over time he became very comfortable and at ease with the whole cuckold dynamic.  As time went on his demeanor took on more of the characteristics of an Alpha male as shown in the "Alpha Male's View of Things" post.

One particular memory I have is of a situation when I had come home much later than expected.  The plan was for me to greet both Paul and Diane dressed as in my maids uniform when they got off work.  They got to our place way before I did.

When I arrived, my maids uniform and other things were strewn on table in the foyer off our garage with a note in Paul's handwriting:  "Put these on and meet us upstairs."

It changed as quickly as I could and made my way upstairs where the door to the master bedroom was slightly opened.  They hadn't made their way to the bed yet but were engaging in some intimate foreplay on a chair and hassock in the corner of the bedroom.  They heard me open the door a bit and glanced in my direction.

I began to apologize but Paul cut me off in mid-sentence with a short and simple directive...

Paul's Alpha personality was on full display.

I obeyed and spent the next hour listening to Paul make love to my Wife as my beta personality took over.


sissy terrie  💘

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Cuckold Memories

It's been awhile since Mistress had had a lover.  She is hoping that changes soon.

While being a cuckold has its very difficult moments, they typically result in some fond memories.

This is one of them.

You can watch for a little while” She told me.  I’d already been assigned a kneeling position at the side of our bed, close enough to see everything, but with implicit instructions not to touch....anything.

He was inside of Her now, having slid Her thong aside to do so. 

“It feels so nice and tight” He said.

“Well” She said.  “I’ve not had anything like yours to stretch it out.”

They both glanced my way for a brief moment, long enough to catch the shameful look on my face.

Her top removed, She unhooked Her bra and threw it at me so that it struck me right in the face.  I caught it in my hands.

“That’s for you sissy.  You can leave now” She said.

Holding Her bra, I got up walked out of the bedroom and left them alone.